The Radiology Directorate provides a comprehensive radio-diagnostic service at the Countess of Chester Hospital and Ellesmere Port Hospital. We also conduct a significant amount of work for patients resident outside Chester in Deeside, Wirral and Crewe.

We provide patients with high quality care, based on professional ability, working within the Radiation Code of Practice.

The Radiology service provides:

  • Plain imaging
  • Breast screening - national screening programme
  • CT scanning
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Nuclear medicine - radio-isotope scanning
  • Symptomatic mammography
  • Ultrasound scanning - abdominal, vascular & obstetric
  • Vascular/Interventional service

Plain Imaging

Key contact: Alison Miller 

Diagnostic Radiography (plain film imaging) is undertaken in the department for all outpatient clinics, GP practices, Emergency medicine and inpatients.

The plain film imaging section is one of the busiest in the department and operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are 4 general X-ray rooms, 1 dental room and a further 2 fluoroscopy rooms. Radiographers work across all areas of the department and outside the department on the wards and in theatres.

All plain film images are now undertaken using digital radiography and the resulting images are then electronically stored on the Trust's PACS system to be available at any location within the hospital where there is access to a PC.

The department is a teaching centre with links to the University of Wales (Bangor) Department of Health Studies and the University of Liverpool and we will have under-graduate Radiography students here for the majority of the year.

Breast Screening & Symptomatic Breast Imaging

Key contact: Sara Millington Tel: 01244 365163

Symptomatic work is carried out on Thursdays and Fridays providing the post operative surveillance/family history mammograms whilst Monday and Tuesday offer a Fast Track service to a dedicated Out-Patient Breast Clinic.

This provides all necessary imaging with instant reporting along with ultrasound guided interventional procedures on the day. All cases which have undergone needle tests are discussed at the weekly multidisciplinary team meetings to ensure optimal management takes place.

CT Scanning Department

Key contact: Emma Fondacaro Tel: 01244 365740

CT stands for Computed Tomography.

The scanner uses X-rays to produce cross-sectional images of the area to be scanned (e.g. emergency, cancer, lung, colonoscoopy, vascular). These images can be reconstructed so that images can be viewed in any plane and when necessary a 3D image can be produced.

We have 2 CT scanners at COCH. One 64-slice and one 16-slice scanner.

Fluoroscopy Service

Key contacts: Shirley Houghton Tel: 01244 365094

The Countess of Chester Hospital has two fluoroscopy rooms providing a comprehensive range of services.

Diagnostic contrast studies are now mostly performed by Specialist Radiographers. These include imaging the oesophagus, videofluoroscopy swallowing, stomach, duodenum, small bowel and large bowel.

Further diagnostic studies of the Biliary tract, Genito-urinary tract, Cystograms and Hysterosalpingograms are also undertaken. A paediatric service of voiding cysto-urethrograms and upper gastro-intestinal tract imaging are also provided.

MRI Scanning (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Key contact: Karen Hurley Tel: 01244 365700

MRI is now well established in providing non-invasive imaging for the central nervous system, abdomen and pelvis, musculoskeletal and cancer staging. A type of MRI known as magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) can also be used to image your blood vessels.

The Countess of Chester was one of the first acute service District General Hospital's(DGH) to have an MRI Scanner. The Trusts' current scanner is a 1.5 Tesla Siemens scanner which was installed in June 2005 and features major advantages in image quality, quiet operation, shorter scans and a more open aspect than older scanners.

One of the main advantages of MRI is that unlike x-rays it does not involve exposing the body to radiation. MRI scans instead, use strong magnetic fields and radiowaves to produce detailed images of inside the body.

Due to the magnetic fields, all patients are required to fill in a medical safety questionnaire prior to their scan. A small number of patients are unable to have an MRI scan as it can disrupt the working of certain medical devices e.g. pacemakers. It is also unsuitable for patients who have brain aneurysm clips, metal fragments in the eye and some metallic implants that have been in for less than 6 weeks.

For further information regarding any questions on MRI scanning, please contact the MRI department.

Nuclear Medicine

Key contact: Hazel Robertshaw Tel: 01244 365276

A comprehensive isotopes service is available here at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Our present camera is capable of whole body imaging, SPECT and dynamic studies as well as normal static imaging. We currently offer a broad spectrum of diagnostic imaging which includes cardiac, lung perfusion, bone, thyroid, parathyroid, HIDA, labelled white cell, Mag 3 and DMSA kidney scans, lymph node and sentinel node imaging. The scanner is due to be replaced with SPECT CT in 2012.


Key contact: Catalina Macdonald Tel: 01244 365274

Interventional Radiology

Key contact: Collette Markey Tel 01244 366721


Ellesmere Port Hospital

Ellesmere Port Xray Reception Tel: 01244 362946

Situated in a small friendly community hospital which offers free parking and easy access for the physically impaired.

The Radiology Department comprises of a 3-roomed unit with ensuite facilities for the barium studies. Both general ultrasound and diagnostic radiography are undertaken as well as the fluoroscopy studies.

We offer a 8.30 am - 5.00 pm, Monday-Friday, appointment and urgent same day service to the GP patients from the surrounding area including Chester, Neston, Ellesmere Port and South Wirral. Having been integrated in the latest digital PACS system installed at the Countess of Chester, we are now able to obtain image reports rapidly from Radiologists based at Countess of Chester. Inpatients and Outpatient clinics at Ellesmere Port Hospital also benefit from our PACS system. Fluoroscopy is undertaken by Specialist Radiographers supervised by Consultant Radiologists.

Radiology Key Contacts

Clinical Director

Dr Gerry Doyle              Clinical Lead and Consultant Radiologist                                    01244 365163

Radiology Services Manager

Ms Ruth Buckley Interim Radiology Services Manager 01244 365163
Catalina Macdonald Deputy Radiology Services Manager 01244 366260
Mrs Jodie Wilson  PA to Radiology Services Manager 01244 365163

Consultant Radiologists

Dr Abbott                      01244 366729
Dr Alonso-Fiel 01244 366729
Dr Boothroyd 01244 366729
Dr Doyle 01244 366729
Dr Dwarkanath 01244 366729
Dr Etherington 01244 366729
Dr Saleh 01244 366729
Dr Pablos 01244 366729
Dr Pilbrow 01244 366729
Dr Karanuakaran 01244 366729
Dr Jadhav 01244 366729
Dr Venturi 01244 366729
Dr Wright 01244 366729
Dr Kadhim 01244 366729
Dr Paolino 01244 366729
Dr Ehsan 01244 366729
Dr Pulupula 01244 366729

 Radiology Heads of Department

MRI Scanning

Breast Imaging Services

Karen Hurley  Ruth Buckley
Superintendent Radiographer Superintendent Radiographer
01244 365700 01244 363606

CT Scanning

Interventional Radiology

Emma Fondacaro Collette Markey
Superintendent Radiographer Superintendent Radiographer
01244 365740 01244 366721

Ultrasound Scanning

Fluoroscopy Services

Catalina Macdonald Shirley Houghton
Superintendent Radiographer Superintendent Radiographers
01244 365274 01244 365094

Nuclear Medicine

Plain Imaging (COCH and EPH)

Hazel Robertshaw Alison Miller
Superintendent Radiographer Team Leader Plain Imaging
01244 365276 01244 366724

Administration Managers

Jennifer Turner                      Radiology Office Manager               01244 366711
Adam McCaig PACS/RIS Administrator Manager 01244 365866
Linda Mitchell                        Breast Screening Office Manager 01244 363606
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