During your outpatient appointment you and your doctor will have discussed the options for your treatment and together it has been decided that a Hysterectomy is the most appropriate treatment for you and your condition.

A Hysterectomy is the removal of your womb (which includes the neck of your womb, your cervix,) the surgery can sometimes be planned to leave your cervix behind in which case the operation is called a sub total hysterectomy. The procedure may also include removal of one or both of your ovaries and Fallopian Tubes (a Salpingo -oophorectomy).

-Your womb can be removed through a traditional cut in your tummy (an Abdominal Hysterectomy,) through the top of the Vagina (Vaginal Hysterectomy) or via keyhole surgery (Laparoscopic Hysterectomy or Laparoscopic Assisted Hysterectomy)

 Your surgeon will have assessed your condition and suggested the optimal type of Hysterectomy required for your treatment in clinic and will have discussed the operation with you as well as given you information leaflets and started the process of obtaining your consent for the operation.

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