Planned Care Division

Planned Care is one of the two new divisions created after the organisation restructure and offers a comprehensive and high quality range of services.

Divisional Information

Senior Management Team:

The Division is one of two bed owning Clinical Divisions. Both divisions report to the Board via the Executive Director of Operations, who in turn is accountable to the Chief Executive and sits on the Board of Directors.

  • Executive Director, Planning, Partnerships & DevelopmentDivisional Director: Mr Mark Brandreth
  • Ms Linda Fellowes (Contact Number: 01244 365462)
  • Divisional Medical Director: Mr. David Semple (Contact Number: 01244 366422)

The Divisional Medical Director leads the Pathway Clinical Directors who in turn lead a community of clinicians in the Division in the development and provision of the best possible service to the patients.

The Pathway Clinical Directors also provide professional support and leadership for the consultant staff within the Planned Care of the Division. This includes clinical governance and the professional development needs of consultant staff and training for non-consultant medical staff.

Clinical Directors:
David Monk
Elizabeth Redmond
Janardhan Rao

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