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Updated on 6 May 2022

Visiting is now available in maternity. It is vital that we continue to meet our enhanced infection prevention and control standards to ensure we protect our patients, our visitors and our staff. Therefore, there will be certain restrictions that we ask all visitors to follow.

It remains important that anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or has come into contact with someone who has coronavirus, should not visit our maternity unit. Those who are pregnant are exempt from this and should attend hospital if required whilst also informing maternity triage if they have COVID-19 symptoms, or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive.

Visiting guidelines:

  • Birth partner 9am to 7pm
  • Second birth partner 12pm to 3pm
  • Siblings are welcome with one other visitor
  • If any siblings are symptomatic of COVID-19 or any other childhood illlness they are advised not to attend the ward


Following, a change in national guidance we will no longer require partners/support person to provide proof of a negative lateral flow prior to attending for community midwifery appointments, hospital appointments or scans from Tuesday 19 April.

Your partner/support person will be able to sit with you in Antenatal Clinic waiting area prior to your appointment/scan. However, there may be times when the antenatal clinic waiting area is extremely busy and at this point we will ask partners/support person to wait outside until the appointment or scan.

Face masks remain mandatory within the hospital/Children Centres and GP surgeries unless you or your partner/support person has a medical exemption.

We would request that if you or your partner/support person are symptomatic of covid-19 that you contact Antenatal Clinic on 01244365106 or Community Midwife Office on 01244365166 for further advice.

We will continue to request that all women and partners/birth partners who attend in labour, have a planned induction of labour or an elective caesarean section have a PCR test.


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