Adult Audiology & Hearing Therapy

Patients may be referred to Adult Audiology directly by their GP if they are over 50 years of age and have no history of ear problems. Those under 50 years will be referred to an ENT Consultant who will assess and refer on to Audiology where appropriate.

A Domiciliary service is provided for existing hearing aid patients who are unable to attend the hospital, a referral letter is required from the GP.

Services for Adult hearing aid fitting are also provided at Ellesmere Port Hospital and Deeside Community Hospital.

Chester Adult Audiology has three purpose built sound treated booths and four state of the art fitting rooms offering modern digital technology for hearing aid fitting. A full range of tests are available for hearing aid prescriptions to be made in scientific and technical accordance to the patients hearing loss and needs.


A hearing test will be done to discover what level of sounds you can hear. A full explanation of what to expect is in the patient leaflet 'Further Hearing Investigations', under the preliminary hearing test. This is the most common form of hearing test.

After the hearing test the audiologist will discuss the results and ask some questions to enable them to jointly agree the best care plan for your individual circumstances, a timescale will be given for the agreed actions.

If hearing aid(s) are prescribed and you consent to proceed, the audiologist will take an impression of the ear(s) by putting soft paste into the ear; this takes about 5 minutes to set and is removed. An appointment will be mutually agreed at this stage to come back for a digital hearing aid(s) fitting.

In some cases hearing aids may be fitted using a small tube, this is known as an open ear fitting and can be carried out after the hearing test. Your audiologist will discuss whether this is appropriate for you.

Digital Hearing Aid(s) Fitting Appointment

If you would like to be accompanied by a friend, relative or carer we would welcome this. It can be very helpful in respect to giving them a better understanding of your hearing loss and for you to remember information given. Please bring reading glasses to you appointment if you use them. The fitting appointment takes about 1 hour.

Hearing Aid Follow Up Appointment

After your hearing aid has been fitted a follow up appointment will be offered to ensure there are no problems, this is routinely done by telephone. A date and time is mutually agreed at the hearing aid fitting appointment. For patients who are unable to use the phone or are unsuitable for this service, a clinic appointment will be mutually agreed.

Hearing Therapy Service

There is a modern purpose built hearing therapy room atChester. The hearing therapist is able to provide additional support in an individual care plan to ensure a quality service in hearing rehabilitation is given. This may include use of hearing tactics, lip reading, advice on environmental aids for use at home/work, and auditory training. Individual programmes can be designed for patients with special needs. Referrals to Hearing Therapy services are made via Audiology for existing hearing aid patients or by referral from ENT Consultants.

Tinnitus Clinic

Chester offers a long established Tinnitus Clinic that is recognised by the British Tinnitus Association. Referrals to this clinic are made via ENT or Audiology for existing hearing aid users. Advice on general management and coping strategies together with relaxation strategies maybe discussed as well as exploring the possible cause and matters that you feel are relevant to you. If appropriate, 'noise generators' may be fitted. These look similar to a hearing aid and aim to help reduce your awareness of the tinnitus by making a gentle 'rushing' noise. You will be given an information pack and if you required will be offered a 1:1 or group appointment according to your preference.

For further information on tinnitus contact the British Tinnitus Association at:

Diagnostic Audiovestibular Service

Patients may be referred by ENT to the diagnostic audiovestibular service for balance testing and/or further hearing assessment. We have up-to-date testing facilities in a purpose built room to offer the following:

  • Videonystagmography and electronystagmography
  • Caloric Testing
  • Static Posturography
  • Positioning manoeuvres (e.g. Dix-Hallpike test)
  • Positional testing
  • Electrocochleography
  • Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry

If you are referred for balance testing a patient information leaflet will be sent to you prior to your appointment. This will explain what to expect at your appointment and give instructions on what to do prior to attending. If you have any questions about our service please feel free to contact the Clinical Audiology department.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Service (BAHA)

The Clinical Audiology department is able to provide a specialist service as a recognised regional BAHA centre. We work alongside 2 specialist ENT Consultants atChesterin BAHA surgery and provide assessment, fitting and management of BAHAs. BAHA can be suitable for people who are affected by severe ear infections and are unable to use conventional hearing aids or for single sided hearing loss or congenital abnormalities and certain types of hearing loss. Referrals can be made via your GP, ENT Consultant or Audiologist.

For more information see:

Association of Teachers of Lip-reading to Adults (ATLA):

Fax: 0870 706 2916

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