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We are delighted you are considering using our maternity services and hope that we are able to do everything possible to ensure that you feel confident, relaxed and safe throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. If at any point in your pregnancy you are worried about you or your baby’s wellbeing, please contact your midwife or maternity team.

Community Midwives Team (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) 01244 365166

Central Labour Suite (24 hours a day) 01244 365026 or 01244 365028


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Finding out your are pregnant Schedule of appointments Early pregnancy 
Screening tests and scans  Stop smoking What to eat when pregnant
Healthy weight Physical activity Alcohol
Wellbeing Vaccinations Safe sleep
Travel during pregnancy Rights, benefits and entitlements Having more than one baby
Feeling your baby move Concerns in pregnancy Pregnancy complications
Preparing to feed your baby Support for fathers / non-gestational parents  Safeguarding
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