Dr A Banerjee, Dr Y Shah

The Nephrology Service provides a dedicated Outpatient Department and Renal Unit with consultant cover provided by Wirral Hospitals Trust. The Consultants working from COCH are part of a team of five specialists who provide continuous Emergency Renal Support for residents of Chester and the Wirral, as well as allowing more outpatient renal support to Chester.

Consultant-led outpatient clinics are also supported by a staff grade Doctor, specialist Nurse, Dietician and Pharmacist. Intravenous iron clinics, peritoneal dialysis clinics and anaemia management clinics are also available. The service provides advice and support to inpatients and day case biopsies as well as undertaking arteriograms.

Specialist Nurse support is provided to patients who are within the Cheshire area and require any home therapy services such as peritoneal dialysis. A Dialysis Access Co-ordinator is responsible for co-ordinating all areas of vascular access such as arterio-venous fistulas, dialysis lines and any related problems.

There is a dedicated dialysis patient car park. Once patients have booked in at the main reception, they may use the facilities of the Renal Patient Resource Room while waiting for a health professional. The Renal Patient Resource Room was opened in 2006. Patients have access to radio, CD, DVD, Internet, magazines and other educational materials. There is a computer calling system for patients in the resource room, to inform them when their appointment is ready.

Additional services include:

  • Quality Assurance Meetings for haemodialysis patients, to discuss patients' bloods, medications and dialysis detail as well as outpatient reviews.
  • Rheumatology patients join nephrology patients in using clinic rooms, as there is a large overlap between our services.


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