Clinical Governance

Governance is integral to the Divisional objectives in that they focus upon quality and value of the patient pathway, as well as ensuring that services are delivered in such a way that enables best use of all resources. As such, the Urgent Care Division aims to provide a comprehensive service for all patients from assessment through to discharge.

The Division is committed to developing governance issues and has a Governance Facilitator whose role underpins all aspects of clinical and non-clinical activity. Her key focus is upon the review and analysis of incidents in order to ensure that lessons learnt are disseminated across the relevant staff groups and practice improves. The Governance Facilitator works with clinicians to ensure that the Division progresses, and can demonstrate compliance, with a number of national recommendations and targets including the Standards for Better Health, NHS Litigation Authority Standards and NICE, to name but a few.

More locally, the Governance Facilitator works with clinicians to ensure there is a comprehensive induction package across all disciplines and grades that high-risk activities, such as competency in the use of medical devices, are monitored. The Division supports education and development of staff and has its own education programme.

If you would like to know more about how Governance is managed within the Urgent Care Division please contact Ruth Millward, Governance Facilitator on (01244) 366070.

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