Corporate Information

Service Development

The Service Development department identifies and makes recommendations for improvements in the patient pathway and administrative processes to enhance the patient experience. The Department consists of two specific areas, Service Improvement and Cancer Services Improvement.

Service Improvement

Service Improvement is currently involved in implementing the 18 Week Pathway Target which includes tracking and capacity planning, as well as reviewing patient pathways and performance. Western Cheshire Primary Care Trust (the Trust's host commissioner) has achieved "early implementer" status for the 18 Week Target which will require service transformation, supported by the Service Improvement Team. The team also runs specific training for service improvement tools and techniques, as well as facilitating process mapping sessions, away days and undertaking capacity demand studies.

Cancer Services Improvement

Cancer Services Improvement supports the achievement of the Cancer Services Targets. This ensures that the best service is delivered to the patient by daily tracking all cancer patients referred to the Trust, as well as making sure that targets are met with regard to the delivery of patient care within set timescales while also reporting them in a timely manner.

The team also provides support to identify where improvements can be made, facilitating that change within appropriate clinical areas. Service Improvement works closely with clinicians, administrative staff and managers within the Trust, including the Clinical Divisions (Surgical, Medicine, Women & Children and Diagnostic Therapy Services), Executive Management, Finance, Information Management & Technology, Human Resources and Estates.

In conjunction with the Executive Team, the department is closely involved in ensuring the Trust's Corporate Objectives are met.