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Supplier Representatives Policy, Product Trials and Clinical Innovation

Within the Procurement Team the Trust has a Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse (Commodity Advisor) acting as the interface between end users and the Commercial activities of the Trust.

Supplier Representatives Policy

The Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse contributes to the protection of patients and staff by coordinating the activity of supplier representatives in regard to product trials, together with the purchase of equipment and consumables.

This role is clearly reflected in the Trust's Policy for meeting with representatives.

Product Trials

The Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse role aims to manage product trials, actively trialling clinical and non-clinical products and associated equipment with relevant staff.

 In order to efficiently coordinate product trials and promote the adoption of new ideas / products potential trials are initiated by the completion of a Trial request Procedure.

This process looks at potential usages / spend / and areas affected enabling the Trust to only trial products should they offer savings, standardisation or an improvement in patient care through innovation.

 The Procurement Team have weekly meetings to identify "Quick wins" which often include ideas from Trust Staff. This provides a mechanism by which product trials can be expedited if deemed to be of benefit with regard to cost efficiencies.

 The Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse also advises on a wide range of aspects of clinical products promoting standardisation of appropriate products whilst contributing to both National and Trust Procurement Savings Targets.

Clinical Innovation

 Innovation is a key component of the Procurement Team's activities. This is not just about maximising cost efficiencies, but also to identify cost effective products that improve the patient care experience and promote improved safety for staff and patient alike.

 The inclusion of the Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse role within the Procurement Team means that the Procurement Department is informed and up to date in regard to the current clinical commodity market place.

 The Countess Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse is currently associated with the following external groups.

National Network of Clinical Procurement Specialists (NNCPS)

This network consists of some 60 members of like minded Clinical Procurement Specialists (including Scotland and Wales) and is an ideal vehicle to gather an up to date topical knowledge of marketplace activity, product efficacy and standardisation opportunities. The network has E-mail discussion and a lively forum on the well utilised NHS Networks website . The network meet 3 times per year and regularly have key note speakers from high profile organisations such as the Dept of Health, MHRA, NPSA, NICE and SMTL. The Countess Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse is currently Co-Chair of the NNCPS Network.

 NHS Supply Chain Task Forces

 The Trust's Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse regularly contributes in a clinical advisory capacity with product evaluation groups with this major NHS supplier.

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