Corporate Information

Purchasing and Supplies Teams

Overseeing the Operational Procurement for Trust and leading on Procurement Sustainability 

Purchasing and Supply Team Manager Contact details

Sue Donaldson MCIPS

Purchase and Supply Manager

01244 366698

 Purchasing Teams

The purchasing team is responsible for general transactional and tactical purchasing activities. This includes customer services, purchase order queries, delivery queries, pricing agreements, quotation exercises, mid value tendering and equipment maintenance contract management.  The team generally manage expenditure up to the value of £100,000.

Purchasing Team Contact Information

Suppliers - please use general Procurement email for Quotes / Queries / Despatch Reports / Marketing flyers - in the first instance.

Suppliers - problems with orders received i.e. out of stock, price issue - please check the telephone number on the order first, then contact one of the Procurement Assistants

General Queries / Quotes 

General Procurement email


Renate Boswell

Purchasing Team Leader

01244 366204

Hannah Chellingworth

Procurement Assistant

01244 366290

 Supplies and Deliveries

The Supplies team are responsible for the Trusts Goods Receipt & Distribution Centre, Materials Management Service and overall logistics strategy for the organisation.

Supplier and Courier information

All deliveries must be received between 8am - 4pm.

For large deliveries couriers/suppliers need to telephone Supplies (Goods Receipt & Distribution Centre) to book in delivery and in addition for large deliveries please ensure tail lift on wagon as no fork lift truck is available.

Supplies and Deliveries Contact Information

Alan Beech

Assistant Supply Chain Manager

01244 362346

General Delivery queries

01244 362346 /