Corporate Information

Our vision and values

The Trust’s vision can be summarised as: 
Integrated Care at its Best
Quite simply we want to deliver the best possible care to our patients, in the most appropriate location.
Our plan is about our patients. It is about delivering the best clinical outcomes, exceeding expectations of our patients in terms of the experience they receive, using all of our resources at our disposal well and supporting our staff to deliver this by being a valued employer. 
Strategic direction
Our longer term strategic direction is built on three key programmes of work:
• West Cheshire Way working with our local healthcare and other related partners to drive service re-design and integrate care for the residents of Western Cheshire.
• Integrated Specialist Services providing the right services to meet the needs of our patients, either as part of clinical network or as a specialist centre in our own right.
• Countess 20:20 reviewing our core services to ensure they deliver the health outcomes and quality that our patients deserve.