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Please see below for some answers to frequently asked questions:

Where can people find out about current apprenticeship vacancies at the Countess? 

All our vacancies are listed on the NHS Jobs website. All you need to do is register and then follow the instructions to apply.

How many apprentices are currently working at the Countess?

There are around 30 at the moment, working across a variety of roles such as access, admin, estates, nursing, procurement, health records, therapies and more.

How does the Countess support its apprentices?

This varies from role to role, but they are all supported by a college tutor who comes out to help with their assessments. Managers across the Trust also have to ensure apprentices all have time to do their college work and support them in their development in the role.

Do many apprentices go on to work full time at the Trust?

Yes, a large majority of our apprentices have secured permanent roles.

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