How to find us

The hospital is located on the Countess of Chester Health Park on Liverpool Road (A5116), some three miles outside Chester city centre. Our postcode is CH2 1UL. This can be entered into on-line mapping/route planning services such as Google Maps. 

You can also view a map of the hospital site by clicking here.

The address for the hospital is:

Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Countess of Chester Health Park
Liverpool Road

Healthways Travel Options and Transport Information

The Countess of Chester Hospital is very busy with over 5000 vehicles coming to and from the site each day. In order to cope with this huge volume of traffic, we have developed a transport strategy, 'Healthways', to help reduce carparking demand and traffic congestion. Healthways is the Trusts sustainable transport strategy which is designed to improve the range of travel options and encourage people to use alternative modes of travel. This will reduce the environmental impact of travel demands, through reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to and from the hospital site each day.

These pages show the range of travel options available to you. We want to help make your visit as straightforward as possible and hope that the information given is useful to you when planning your journey. We have included telephone numbers and web addresses for you to use if you require any further details. Our aim is to ensure that there are parking spaces available for those who really need to bring their cars on site.