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Quiet room opens in Spiritual Care Centre

7DDB5DC0 DCF0 4C95 96FC FF8B1343FF36A new quiet room has opened in the Spiritual Care Centre, providing a closed off area with increased privacy for patients, staff and visitors.

The room, which has been funded by money donated from the annual Trees of Life ceremony, has been designed for anyone in the hospital who needs a quiet space to reflect, seek advice or simply escape the hustle and bustle and have a cup of tea.

As part of the improvements to the chapel a new fixed glass divide with double doors also provides increased privacy from the often noisy main corridor for anyone attending a service, praying or simply taking time out to think.

John Kingsley, Head of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Services, said: “The Spiritual Care Centre is here for everyone, whatever their religion or thoughts on religion, and we’re very proud to be able to offer a quiet space like this because being in a hospital can be upsetting for so many different reasons. I can’t thank the Countess Charity enough for all their support with this project and the members of the public whose generous donations made it all possible.”

C056C769 C30D 4FC2 8C87 FD4F1B3F8BDBThe quiet room, which is complete with relaxing lavender décor and comfortable armchairs, was opened by Director of Corporate and Legal Services Stephen Cross who explained that this is something patients and staff had asked for.

Stephen said: “Following our recent CQC inspection we surveyed people who use the Spiritual Care Centre, with many of them requesting facilities to increase privacy and dignity. As a result I am delighted to open the new quiet room and I hope having this place for quiet reflection and contemplation makes a massive difference to patients, staff and visitors at the hospital. ”

Lesley Woodhead, Head of Fundraising, said: “Donations to the Trees of Life appeal from those remembering loved ones have created a special and quiet space in the hospital for others to benefit from. This year we light the lights in the trees at The Countess on the 7th December and at Ellesmere Port on 10th December.””

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:: For anyone who isn’t sure where the Spiritual Care Centre is, it is located on the first floor on the right just before you head over the bridge on the main hospital side – or F1 using the Wayfinding system.

:: This year the Trees of Life ceremony will take place on the 7 December at the Countess and on 10 December at Ellesmere Port Hospital.