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Pictorial Menu gives patients a helping hand

Patients with communication difficulties can now use a Pictorial Menu to order their food at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

The menu, which features images of fresh food cooked daily on site, has been launched across all wards at the Countess and Ellesmere Port hospitals.

Pictorial Menu Sample

Food First Dietitian Victoria Forrest, who worked to drive the introduction of the menu alongside the catering department, believes it will make a real difference.

“If somebody can’t communicate, for whatever reason, they’re able to point or say what they want from those images and it means they can make their own food choices,” she said.

“We know they’re picking something they like rather than a member of the ward staff having to choose something for a patient because they can’t communicate with them.”

Patients living with dementia can benefit from the way the menu has been designed, with the user-friendly layout, colour scheme and images of relevant animals capable of boosting recognition and their interest in eating.

The menu, which was designed and printed by Tudor Office Supplies, will also make a huge difference for some stroke patients, while it could help to break down language barriers and educate children about nutrition.

“Every ward I gave them to were really positive for a different reason, even ones that I hadn’t considered, which was great to hear” Victoria added. “It’s exciting to think about just how many types of patients will benefit from it.”