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NHS74 celebrations

On 5 July the NHS celebrated its 74th anniversay. To celebrate the work of our teams and their predecessors, our Countess Charity pulled out all the stops on a day of cakes, music, smiles and laughter in our hospitals.

34 Performance 1Ward 42 Debbie And Vici

Courtesy of donations to the charity, Jenny Rust Soprano and Maria King from Music in Hospitals & Care conducted a special performance on Ward 34.

Lucy Rachford, Deputy Ward Manager on Ward 34, said: “We’re really privileged to be able to enjoy this and I want to thank everyone involved for making our patients so happy today to celebrate the NHS’ birthday.”

Jenny sang an array of musical favourites, ranging from ‘Getting to know you’ from the King and I and ‘The Sound of Music’ – both from musicals almost 10 and 20 years younger than the NHS respectively.

Patients and visitors tapped their feet and sang along on the elderly care unit, with one patient making a special request for ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ in remembrance of her late husband.

Jenny said: “It was incredibly special to help that lady remember her husband through music. That’s why doing this is so rewarding.”

Other performances took place elsewhere, including Ellesmere Port Hospital, with the performances made possible by donations from the Gould Family Charitable Trust and other donors.

Ian Gould, who has been a volunteer at the Countess for almost 15 years, said: “We’ve waited a long time to make this happen and it’s great to see how positively everyone is reacting. I know from family experience how much of a lift music can give patients so it’s wonderful to see.”

NHS 74 birthday cupcakes were also delivered to all departments, courtesy of the charity.

Charity 1

Lesley Woodhead, Head of Fundraising, said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to the Gould Family Charitable Trust and other donors who made the concerts possible. Our Countess Charity provided the cakes and I can’t thank the Fundraising Team enough for all their hard work that went into making today happen. Happy birthday to our wonderful NHS!”