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Hot Reporting Room boosts radiology team at the Countess

A new state-of-the-art Hot Reporting Room has transformed the way the radiology team at the Countess of Chester Hospital is working.

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The new facility, complete with soundproof divides, carpets and ceiling tiles, makes it easier for consultant radiologists and reporting radiographers to be more flexible in the way they work and speeds things up for patients waiting for scan results.

“The new Hot Reporting Room has made a huge difference to the way we work. It’s made us closer as a team, more efficient and I can’t thank all those who helped make it a reality enough,” divisional medical director and consultant radiologist Amer Rehman said.

Previously the consultants and reporting radiographers worked in separate offices to complete their hot reporting, which involves carefully reviewing scans such as x-rays taken from inpatients to record if there are any areas of concern for further investigation.

When necessary they would confer over a complicated case, but this would often involve leaving their station to ask a colleague to return with them to provide a second opinion.

Dr Rehman knew from time he spent working at Changi General Hospital in Singapore, which had a communal reporting space, just how much of a difference this type of teamwork can make to both morale and the efficiency of the service.

“Having other people around you sharing their ideas are the benefits you get and they far outweigh the small noise pollution or traffic you get from people walking in and out,” Dr Rehman added. “It’s a no-brainer really, but it’s such an alien concept in this country.”

Staff gave up their personal offices and opted to share to free up space for the renovated facility, which was funded through the installation of a new reporting system called Carestream PACS.

The Hot Reporting Room has six workstations with adjustable spotlights, allowing each consultant to select the level of lighting that suits them best. Dr Rehman’s team can also adjust the height of each desk to whatever they prefer – they can even report standing up if they choose to – which all makes it easier for them to spend so long every day working at a screen.

:: Dr Amer Rehman recently showcased the Hot Reporting Room on Fab Change Day, which is an annual celebration of innovation across the NHS. We held a number of events at the Countess and you can get more information here: /corporate-information/social-media/fab-change-day.aspx

World Radiography Day 2016

Every year 8 November is World Radiography Day, with this year marking the 111th anniversary of William Roentgen discovering x-rays.

With the new Hot Reporting Room in many ways epitomising how far radiography and radiology have come in that time, it formed part of the Trust's celebrations for it. 

Student radiographers Amy, Jordan and Dulovan held a World Radiography Day stand in our main corridor, showcasing various types of scans.

Radiography students