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End PJ Paralysis: Chester grandfather returns home in time for 80th birthday

End PJ CropedA Chester grandfather who is returning home from hospital just in time for his 80th birthday has reiterated the importance of getting dressed and moving about on the wards.

Colin Massey, 79, has spent a total of eight weeks in hospital after suffering injuries in a fall at home but this week he finally got the news he’d been waiting for as he was allowed to go home in time to celebrate his 80th birthday in May.

During his time in hospital former serviceman Colin made sure he started getting dressed and mobilising as soon as possible – something that he says was extremely beneficial for both his recovery and state of mind.

“I don’t like staying in pyjamas all day long,” he said. “I’m not one for staying in bed. I’d rather get up, get dressed and sit in my chair.”

He added: “It’s as refreshing to get up and get out of your pyjamas as it is to get up and have a wash. It freshens you up and makes you feel better.”

Occupational Therapist Lucy Ogden said: “The boost Colin feels from getting dressed is exactly why it is so important to support the national End PJ Paralysis campaign. Getting patients to wear their own clothes and mobilise as soon as it is safe to do so makes it easier for us to assess how their recovery is going. They might seem like simple tasks, but starting to do these basic daily routines again can be a significant step towards being discharged from hospital.”

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