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Countess of Chester Hospital takes over running of Adult Hospital at Home Service

The Adult Hospital at Home service for West Cheshire patients is now managed by the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust with oversight from Cheshire & Wirral Partnership and Primary Care Cheshire (as of 4 December). The Countess will act as lead provider and the staff currently working in the service will be employed by the Trust.

The service, which has been delivered by Partners 4 Health until now, will enable teams and specialties both in the hospital and the community to work more closely together to transform the way we deliver patient care to those patients who need support but do not necessarily need to be admitted to hospital.

Alison Swanton, Head of Therapies and Intermediate care said: “This is an opportunity for us to develop the Adult Hospital at Home service and deliver more joined up care to our patients. We believe that we can develop the service further and grow the team while supporting our patients in the most appropriate setting for them. Ultimately we aim to reduce the number of patients who need to be admitted to hospital and shorten the length of stay for those patients who do.”

The existing team will move with the service on Tuesday 4 December and will be based on the ground floor of the Women and Children’s Building at the Countess site. There will be no noticeable change for GPs when making referrals and they will still come through to the team via a single point of access. 

Alison added: “By bringing the Adult Hospital at Home service under this local collaboration we will be able to use other services such as Rapid Response and Community Therapy as well as GP Out of Hours in conjunction with Hospital at Home to enable us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible and ensure that when appropriate, patients can be supported in their own homes, and only be admitted to hospital when necessary. It will also mean we can explore new ways of delivering IVs in a clinic setting rather than keeping patients in hospital.

"The team will continue to work in the community but be more visible in the hospital allowing for more clinical conversations and handovers of patient care. We will also spend time listening to GPs and expanding the service in line with their thoughts”.

  • The Adult Hospital at Home team currently has eight members of staff including a number of advanced nurse practitioners (ANP), working under GP or consultant supervision, several trainee ANPs and a small cohort of nursing staff. The team will now wear Countess uniforms.
  • A clinical operational manager, GPs with a specialist interest in Intermediate Care & Hospital at Home and administration staff are currently being recruited.

To contact the Adult Hospital at Home team call 01244 366866 or email: