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Countess Gem - Jenny Polvani-Jones

Jennifer P J 1Dementia Nurse Specialist Jenny Polvani-Jones is the latest Countess Gem winner after her compassionate, friendly and patient-centred approach was commended by colleagues.

Jenny, who joined the Trust in October 2017, has been based on wards 50 and 51 since July as part of a pilot for an integrated mental health specialist as part of the team.

It was colleagues from those wards that nominated Jenny to be a Countess Gem – much to her surprise!

“I was absolutely overwhelmed to be honest,” she said. “I was completely shocked. I didn’t even know I’d been nominated.”

Previously Jenny covered more areas of the hospital, but now her focus is on wards 50 and 51, which are the elderly care units at The Countess.

She works across both wards, identifying patients living with dementia or experiencing delirium that would benefit from her specialist input in their care.

“It’s my aim every day to support staff to care for sometimes extremely vulnerable patients who can struggle in the hospital environment,” she added.

“I just always try and put the patient and the people that they love at the centre of everything I do. I feel if you do that then you can’t really go wrong.”

You can read the nominations below to see what colleagues said about Jenny:

  • “As the Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jenny is one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is a true advocate for her patients, who are some of the most vulnerable in the hospital. She always has a smile on her face and her manner with people is compassionate and understanding. She has a great rapport with families and staff and is a true team player. A fantastic asset to the Countess and the Care of the Elderly Department in general.”
    Dr Caroline Veitch
  • “Jenny the dementia nurse is an amazing asset to the care of the elderly wards. She goes the extra mile and makes such an effort with patients and their relatives. She really makes a difference to the dementia patients on the wards. She has also provided excellent teaching regarding dementia on these wards.”
    Dr Elizabeth Harding
  • “Jenny provides an invaluable service to patients with delirium and dementia in the Trust. The compassion and empathy she shows to each person she sees is a credit to her and so many family members have commented to me about how reassured and comforted they were by Jenny's discussions with them. She is an invaluable asset to the multidisciplinary team.”
    Dr William Wareing

Although Jenny is delighted to be named a Countess Gem, to her the job is satisfying enough: “I’m very lucky because I have time to care as a specialist nurse. It’s so rewarding, I absolutely love my job.”

Director of People and Organisational Development Sue Hodkinson said: “Congratulations to Jenny on becoming a Countess Gem. She should be incredibly proud of how highly she is regarded by her colleagues. Those heartfelt and meaningful nominations speak volumes and her compassionate expertise is clearly making a massive difference.”

About Countess Gems

‘Countess Gems’ are a monthly recognition awards scheme at the Countess of Chester Hospital, with members of staff nominating colleagues who they think deserve special praise. Every person/team nominated officially becomes a ‘Countess Gem’ with a certificate. Once a month the leadership group reviews all the nominations and selects an overall winner. This team/individual will then receive £125 to spend with in-house Catering Services to celebrate. The Countess Gems awards are funded through donations from patients and families in thanks for the care they have received (charitable funds).