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Countess Gem - Dillon Smith

Dillon Smith 1Domestic Assistant Dillon Smith is the latest Countess Gem winner after his dedication and pride in keeping support offices clean was recognised by the teams he works with.

Dillon, who has worked at The Countess for almost two years, found out he was a Countess Gem at the start of one of his shifts recently and it made his day.

“I’m over the moon to be a Countess Gem, I’ve never won anything like this before,” he said. “It really makes me feel appreciated.”

Dillon’s mum Donna works alongside him in the same team at the Trust and he said she was delighted.

“My mum was there when I found out and she was made up for me,” he added.

You can read some of the nominations Dillon received below to see what his colleagues said about him:

  • “Dillon is always happy to help and goes above and beyond every time we ask him to. He will go out of his way to help us keep our office clean and tidy. Thank you Dillon for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated by the whole of the Planned Care Management Team.”

  • “Dillon is not only truly efficient at his job, he’s a genuinely nice person. Thank you, Dill!”

  • “Always friendly and helpful. Does such a good job!"

  • Dillon is extremely hard working and is always happy to help. He takes pride in his work and keeps our office and the whole of T Block clean. Thanks Dillon!”

  • “Dillon is always happy to help. He goes out of his way to keep T Block clean and tidy!

Dillon was blown away by the comments he received, having spent the last year and a half working in the T Block area of the hospital, which contains teams such as Surgical, Planned Care, Medical Staffing, Health Records and Communications.

“I’d like to thank everyone that nominated me to be a Countess Gem,” he said. “It means a lot to read such nice things being said about me.”

Director of People and Organisational Development Sue Hodkinson said: “You only have to read the heartfelt comments about Dillon in the nominations put forward to know how hard he works and appreciated he is. Dillon’s diligent and friendly approach epitomises our values at The Countess.”


About Countess Gems

‘Countess Gems’ are a monthly recognition awards scheme at the Countess of Chester Hospital, with members of staff nominating colleagues who they think deserve special praise. Every person/team nominated officially becomes a ‘Countess Gem’ with a certificate. Once a month the leadership group reviews all the nominations and selects an overall winner. This team/individual will then receive £125 to spend with in-house Catering Services to celebrate. The Countess Gems awards are funded through donations from patients and families in thanks for the care they have received (charitable funds).