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Countess Gem of the month … Christine Hunter

Christine Hunter 1Theatres Practitioner Christine Hunter said she was “quite emotional” after finding out she is the latest Countess Gem of the month winner.

Christine, who has worked in the NHS for 37 years and spent her entire career in theatres, was nominated for stepping in at the last minute to help her colleagues by working overtime to allow the team to open a second theatre and see more patients.

Her selfless dedication was recognised by Theatres Practitioner Sarah Stables, who commended Christine for being reliable and trustworthy. You can read Sarah’s nomination in full below:

“This lady was called at 1am on a Saturday morning to come in to work to open a second theatre and - though not on call - got ready at a moment's notice and came in to work to help her colleagues. They hadn't been able to get hold of the staff member who was actually on call. She has worked in the Trust for 25 years and everyone in Theatres knows her to be a wonderful, knowledgeable, trustworthy, approachable professional who will help anybody. You can always rely on her for support and guidance and would trust her to care for your dearest family member.”

Christine said: “I was flabbergasted when I found out. I was really quite touched and then when I was told I had actually won I was quite emotional. It took a little while to sink in. It was such a lovely gesture. I love working in theatres, having done it for such a long time, it is a great team and quite a unique place. We all work together so well. I think A&E and ITU are similar. I’d do anything for any of the team and I didn’t think anything of it that night. I just said give me 15 minutes and I’ll be there. If you need me I’ll come in and do my best. At the end of the day we’re doing it for the patients.”

Deputy Director of People and OD, Dee Appleton-Cairns said: “Christine perfectly embodies what a Countess Gem should be. Her selfless approach to being a true team player and caring for our patients for so many years should always be celebrated and never taken for granted. When you take a step back and read Sarah’s comments there is no greater accolade than saying you’d trust someone with the life and wellbeing of a relative. That is very special and on behalf of the Trust I’d like to thank Christine for her hard work, and that of her team, every day.”

About Countess Gems

‘Countess Gems’ are a monthly recognition awards scheme at the Countess of Chester Hospital, with members of staff nominating colleagues who they think deserve special praise. Every person/team nominated officially becomes a ‘Countess Gem’ with a certificate. Once a month the leadership group reviews all the nominations and selects an overall winner. This team/individual will then receive £125 to spend with in-house Catering Services to celebrate. The Countess Gems awards are funded through donations from patients and families in thanks for the care they have received (charitable funds).