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Countess dietitian offers Christmas health tips for people with Diabetes

Christmas is almost here and with it the parties and family gatherings that can so often lead to food and drink over indulgence.

But how can people with diabetes manage their condition whilst still enjoying the festivities and spending time with family and friends?

Alice Fletcher, Dietitian with the Diabetes Essentials service at the Countess of Chester Hospital has issued some advice for people with diabetes to follow so as to reduce the impact on their blood sugars.

Alice Fletcher dietitian Dec 16 

Alice said: “We all know that Christmas brings with it lots of tempting treats and alcoholic tipples and people with diabetes can find it hard to manage their condition during this time. The important thing to remember is that Christmas is just one day and 24 hours of over indulgence won’t impact on your blood sugar too much…as long as you follow a healthy balanced diet on other days. Of course the problems arise when Christmas becomes an excuse to over indulge for several weeks and the more frequent those occasions are the more likely you are to run into problems with your diabetes.

“Office parties and Christmas nights out can mean temptation is everywhere but there are tips you can follow that ensure you are still being sociable whilst not consuming too many calories. Limiting your intake of fatty foods, filling the largest part of your plate with healthy salads or vegetables as well as ensuring you don’t consume too many liquid calories will all help you maintain a balanced diet.”

Alice and The Trust have made a video advising people how to manage their diabetes over the Christmas period which can be viewed at 

Alice said: “Whether you have Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, Christmas can be a challenging time. Managing diabetes can feel like a balancing act between food choices, medication, physical activity and even stress and the festive season can make it all the more difficult. For those people living with diabetes it is important to know there is a lot they can do to manage their condition and there is local support available to help.”

Diabetes Essentials is a free NHS diabetes education service run by the Countess of Chester Hospital. Group sessions are held at a number of venues throughout Chester and Cheshire offering advice and support for people with diabetes and there is no need to be referred by a doctor. Simply call 01244 365 234 or email

Alice added: “Diabetes Essentials is here to support you throughout the year, to make sure you have the correct information and give you the confidence to know you can manage your diabetes. If you are living with diabetes, it is important to remember it is your health and you can be in control of your condition.”

Diabetes Essentials is a local free NHS diabetes education service for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and is run by the Countess of Chester Hospital. 

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