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Equality local champions

The Countess of Chester Hospital Foundation Trust has an Equality Local Champions Forum. The champions are staff who are self nominated and come from areas across all directorates and divisions of the Trust.  They receive training via their induction and ongoing development sessions.  Many of the champions have successfully attained a National certificate in equality and diversity through West Cheshire college.

The champions meet 4 times a year in a forum.  They attend the equality, diversity and human rights strategy group and are embedded in all related equality sub groups.

The role of the local champion is to keep their directorate/division informed of recent developments in equality and diversity via team meetings and team briefs. As well as providing information to their fellow team members, they also identify areas of good practice and areas for improvement to share with other champions and the Equality and Diversity Manager. The Equality Local Champions Forum can then make suggestions for how to improve these areas for the respective Champion to take back to their own directorate/division to implement.

This information is then fed back to the equality, diversity and human rights strategy group and thereby forms a strong part of the Countess equality governance framework.

For further information about the role of the Equality Local Champion, please click here to see the job description.

For further information please contact Joe O'Grady, Equality and Diversity Manager on 01244 364283 or email joe.o'