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It’s my anniversary!

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It’s been 2 years, 8 quarters, 104 weeks. That’s how long I have been working here. 7th May 2013 seems like only 5 minutes ago.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed and for the avoidance of doubt, even if my face doesn’t always show it, I love working here. The best doctors, the best nurses, the best AHPS, admin staff, caterers, managers, chaplains, governors etc. etc. This is a special place. I can still remember being surprised by how people smiled and said ‘hello’ on the corridor. It isn’t like that in every hospital…..

I can still remember the buzz from the anniversary celebrations, the staff awards night, the celebration at the Cathedral, seeing HRH the Duchess of Cornwall opening our magnificent Haygarth Building (and waving to our staff at the windows), listening to Dr Simon Hill talk about how the Ellesmere Port based Centre for Healthy Ageing is changing lives, the pride in Andy Tysoe making his mark on the national dementia agenda, observing our people working on Christmas day, chatting to our cancer trackers about the improvements we have made together. I could go on and on.

And then my own experience- marvelling at Shopon Saha assess my little boy for appendicitis on the fab children’s assessment unit, listening to Amer Rehman chat to him about Manchester City whilst he was being scanned, admiring how Ravi Jayaram could effortlessly explain to him what was wrong… and how he was going to be alright.

Even more scarily, holding my partners hand when she was frightened on MAU, thanking Carol Francis for going the extra mile, listening to Tina Maheswaran explain “the plan”, being so pleased Dale Vimalchandran and Chris McFaul could comfort and answer endless questions, knowing Jane Evans, Lynn Gray and Jane Blackwell are around to make sure things get done, having the privilege of seeing Michelle lead the brilliant team on Ward 51 for our ten day stay, being fed by Craig and the team, including Sunday lunch for us and our five kids…

This is quite a place.

I wanted to tell you about my experience- how on 11 days out of my 730 days my experience of coming to work was different. So now I think I understand better what we do. Now I can do part of my job better… and that is to communicate our strategy. All of us need to feel we belong… and you do, to a special place. Now we all need to understand where we are heading. So, to help, over the next few weeks we will share our strategy in an ‘infographic’. It’s really just posh pictures. Please take a few minutes to watch and think about how you fit. We all do.

Here is the link to our Trust Strategy. Each week for the next six weeks a new clip will show the hard work we have done and what has been achieved so far in our journey from 'Good to Great'. Please take a moment to have a look: 

Have a good week.


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