Going Home

A community midwife will visit you the following day after discharge from hospital, between the hours of 08.30 – 16.30.  Please stay at home until the Midwife has been to visit you.  If the Midwife has not visited by 4pm, please phone the Community Midwives Office on – 01244 365166.

It is important your baby feeds frequently during the night, any concerns about feeding please phone Cestrian Ward (Ward 32) on – 01244 365178.

Phone your GP Surgery to let them know you have had your baby.  A postnatal check will be arranged for 6-8 weeks.

Phone 01244 972668 to make an appointment to register your baby’s birth (this needs to be done within 42 days).

We would love to hear your feedback so please leave your reviews, posts and photos of your new-born on our Facebook page – Countess of Chester Maternity Services.


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